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 Do not ignor this!

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PostSubject: Do not ignor this!   Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:29 am

Evil or Very Mad Anyone who is a consitant lamer and has to be told more that once not to lame will be kicked out of clan i dont care who you are and what u have done while being a member of JKA. I'm not going to have my clan known as a bunch of lamers and asshole--when i go to other servers i dont expect to hear my clan suks,all they do is lame,there a bunch of noobs,if u want to be one of that kind of person this clan is not for you. Over the last couple of days i have members who i will not name since this topic applies to all,ppl have been cussing up a storm,laming at a high rate,complaing about 1 lame when they lame themselve,laming first time guest to the server and its getting annoying i have ppl paging me on xfire about ppl i give admin to saying there following ppl in quest using admin commands and not being a helper with admin commands admin is not to be used to harass people its to help ppl when help is needed. The reason i give out admin from time to time is too get used to the commands so you have a better understanding of how to use them for lamers,ppl who cuss to much,and ppl who just want to be annoying. But i been banning ppl and putting shutup on my own members and thats just sad

So read topic Rules-and if u have a problem with this reading it will not be in your intrest to tell me about it just leave the clan i will not explain no more than this topic!
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Do not ignor this!
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